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Legendary Comedy Writer Converts to Catholicism

Says, "I began to identify with Our Lady."

"I am a fan, but not a mad fan,” I assure Tom Leopold when we meet for coffee on a foggy day in west London. Leopold is a renowned comedy writer who wrote sketches for Bob Hope and worked on Seinfeld, Cheers and Will and Grace, to name but a few items on his long list of credits. At Easter 2009, he converted to Catholicism, and he describes his journey to the Church in his one-man show “A Comedy Writer Finds God”. Currently he is in London for a six-week stint as a writer on The Kumars, a comedy series about an Indian family in Britain.
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Mary O'Regan said...

Thanks so much for linking to my post - Tom Leopold was a joy to interview. Very witty and profoundly moving.

You can keep up to date on my blog, http://thepathlesstaken7.blogspot.co.uk/

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