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"In God We Trust" Too Religious to Hang in School

Do they not accept money because that says "In God We Trust" as well.

A North Carolina school refused to hang posters depicting an American Flag and the national motto “In God We Trust” because their legal counsel feared the signs would be seen as promoting religion. The American Legion offered the free posters to the Watauga County School District, but found the 130 framed images unwanted.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Yes, but you didn't vote in your last school board election.

- Mack, Viet-Nam veteran, public-school teacher, and voter

Mary De Voe said...

Try trusting in finite, unreliable, mortal human beings without the reliance on God called for in The Declaration of Independence, without unalienable civil rights endowed by “their Creator” without recourse to petition Divine Providence, without recourse to our First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion…”or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Prohibiting the free exercise thereof of our country, America’s motto is censorship in religion, writing and thinking about God. The invisible Gulag.

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