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Absolutely wonderful piece from Sherry.

A weekly task in this household involves a trip to the dry cleaner. Because this chore falls to me and has for over a decade, I've come to know the people who work at the store if not on a first time basis, enough to be able to joke around. One woman however, began sharing with me the story of her life. She asked me to pray when her brother died. Later, again as her father passed on and she wasn't able to attend, given that there was a whole ocean and islands between her and her family, she begged me to pray. We know each has a lively faith though we've never talked specifics. She always gives me a big smile. I'm always a bit sad when my friend isn't there. It is a touch of lightness in the midst of doing the dutiful and mundane. She knows my name. I regret, I've yet to really wrap my brain around hers, though I've asked and sought to remember.
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