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And That’s Why I’ve Got More Children Than You Think I Should

Kasey writes:

Wait a sec, let’s start out with a little honesty here. I actually have more children than I thought I should have, too, so I’m not casting stones. I’m just throwing back the curtain to expose a few myths that have polluted my childbearing years with guilt and regret. I began my journey into motherhood 16 years ago this month. But wait, that’s not true either. My first child was born 16 years ago and was delivered one day after his due date which means my journey really began 16 years and 9 months ago. Goodness, where does the time go? Anyway, my point is I’ve spent more than a decade and a half being drilled on all the reasons why I should stop having children. Or to be more accurate, I’ve been schooled on all the logic of why I should have stopped several children ago. It’s good to be enlightened, you know, on the many means of prevention available in this modern-day. Because any woman worth her salt simply refuses to have more children than is seemly. Or than can fit nicely into the comfortable lifestyle of choice. And any man with a shred of decency will offer himself up to be surgically altered for the sake of ending the madness.
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