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Air Force Academy Admits It Removed “So Help Me God” From Oaths…

It seems to me the military needs God more, not less.

God has no place in the Obama-led military.
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Mary De Voe said...

Atheism removes from the atheist acknowledgement of God, of Divine Providence, of the atheist's metaphysical destination in eternal life. Atheism has swindled the atheist out of his mind. Atheism cannot swindle the knowledge of God out of the human soul. Redefining the human person as composed of body and soul and then denying the person's human soul is not the progression of government but the infestation of tyranny.
Bishop Paprocki is true to exorcize his diocese of the infestation of evil.
Freedom of heart and mind and soul is God's Divine Will for man.

Mary De Voe said...

Most of the taxpayers are adherents to free will and mindful of genius and therefore believe in "their Creator" Paying taxes to be dumbed down to eternal infernal fire is anti American... or stop collecting taxes...

Kathy said...

Just recently read a story of how the Air Force is having great difficulty retaining pilots. I wonder how much these types of things have to do with it.

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