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Abp. Chaput on The Gift of Thanksgiving and the Advent Season

Archbishop Chaput is always worth reading. His reflections here on being thankful and repenting are wonderful:

Thanksgiving is a good time to step back from the pressures of work, reflect on the course of our lives and remember that gratitude is the beginning of joy. It’s also an opportunity to remember whom we’re thanking, and why we’re thanking him. The holiday has vividly Christian roots, and it makes little sense without its religious origins. Americans certainly don’t need to be Christian to enter into the spirit of the day, but Thanksgiving reminds us of a fundamentally higher reality: our dependence on a loving Creator. In a world so often marked by suffering and want, God has blessed us with abundance – both as a nation and as individuals. No one “owes” us this abundance. Other people around the world work just as hard as we do, or harder, and receive far less from life. As Scripture says: To whom much is given, from them much will be required (Lk 12:48). Thus we Americans have the privilege to turn our hearts to God in gratitude, but we also have God’s invitation to share our abundance with those who have less than we do.
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