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50 Ways to Talk To God

Meg Hunter-Kilmer writes a great piece:

I know there are people out there–lots of them–who show up Sunday morning and call it good for the week. I know there are people who check Catholic on forms but don’t have any kind of a relationship with Christ. I guess I just figured there was a solid core of believers who were in love with Christ–or at least trying to be. But I’m reading Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples and it’s breaking my heart. Almost half of Catholics, she says, don’t believe God is a personal God. They don’t even believe it’s possible to have a relationship with him. Most of us don’t pray beyond what’s required and when we do it’s not about love so much as a sense of duty. We might be committed to the Church, but we’re not really committed to Christ.
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Unknown said...

This is a great piece indeed. But notice the title as you have listed it here is not the same as Meg's, and it makes a big difference. Talking "about" God is far too easy, and we do it all the time. Talking "to" God is an integral part of prayer (the other part is listening to God), and Meg's whole point is to lead us to this wellspring of prayer. So, bravo for the post, and let us all learn not only to talk about God, but to talk to God and discern His voice in our lives. Thanks!

matthew archbold said...

Thanks Andre. It's fixed.

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