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There is a Satanic Conspiracy About Having Children

Taylor Marshall asks if you see babies as gifts.

There is a Satanic conspiracy about having children. We have seven beautiful children and we are “pitied” by people all the time. We were out to dinner last week and an older later came over and told my wife Joy (surrounded by seven children) and told her how bad she felt for her. What? It’s a good thing my wife’s a saint and didn’t clobber the lady. Let’s get back to the Bible. ““Lo, sons are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”
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Unknown said...

Hmmmm, I think those of us that have large families need to be careful... just because we have larger than average families and people say rude things (happens to us all.the.time.), we don't have to act like victims. We can witness/testify to the beauty of life that surrounds us. This is part of the mission field, I think, with having a large family. No one went around stroking Jesus' ego about all the good stuff he did. I'm not sure we should expect others to hail us for being open to lots of kids. The rude comments of others is an opportunity.

Sophia's Favorite said...

Actually, as you are being pilloried for doing something that is the opposite of wrong, you have an obligation in logic to act like victims—since you are the patient of an immoral act, and the patient of an immoral act is its "victim", as its agent is its "perpetrator".

You can be gracious about being a victim of injustice, or you can—equally correctly—ignore it, voice complaint, offer proportional retaliation (it is not wrong to rebuff rudeness). You still are a victim, your choice of reactions does not change what they are a reaction to.

Unknown said...

Sorry, but when I consider the beaten women of the world or the sex abused children (1 in 4) or the poverty many must live in, I think of true victim hood. I'm not in any of those categories. I'm criticized for having five--almost six--kids. Yes, those criticisms are often rude and ignorant but I don't have the "obligation" to act like a victim. I have the opportunity to minister and teach...not complain because people call us out in public.

Proteios1 said...

Agreed. The victim mindset our culture has wholeheartedly embraced is one I too refuse to engage in. Maybe I am a victim of sneers and jeers. Maybe not. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. But I refuse to define myself as such simply because I have seen the groups that have done this. Most blacks I know have the 'they owe me attitude' Some have escaped this, most have built in excuses for failure. It has hurt them profoundly.I dont want or need built in excuses to fail. I need reasons to succeed and things to strive for. We all do.

Sophia's Favorite said...
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Sophia's Favorite said...

I see the trouble now. You think "act like a victim" means "behave as if one is a member of a victim-class in a Marx-influenced oppression-narrative". Did you know the word "victim" in English predates Marxism by 400 years?

In English—do you speak it?—anyone who is wronged in any way, is the victim of that wrong act. If you're filing charges over a relatively small burglary, in which nobody was at any risk of physical harm, do you say "Oh, well when I think of all the violent crime in this world, I think of true victimhood, so I'm not the victim of a burglary."? Of course you don't. It is far less terrible to be the victim of burglary than of murder, but it is still being a victim.

There are many forms of suffering in the world far worse than being the victim of ideological social opprobrium that, at its extremes, amounts to harassment—but that is still what this is, and those who endure it are still its victims. That is the definition of the word.

The first step to combating political ideology is not to let political ideology define your words for you. Why did you think the Marxist definition of "victim" was the correct one?

Mary De Voe said...

"...and I wanted every one of them.Am I not free to love my children as God has loved me?"

Unknown said...

Oh, goody! Insults!

"In English—do you speak it?"

Hey, Sophia, you can be a victim. While you are busy doing that, I'll try to be God's light. I also see it's very important to you to be right, so you can be that, too.

I'm done here.

God bless you. I just said one Hail Mary for your special intentions.

Foxfier said...

Oh, goody! Insults!

So now who is being a victim?

Hint: "being God's light" does not mean "doing what Colleen Duggan wants."

Also, if you're going to whine about insults, it's best if you don't deploy them first with passive aggressive accusations about all who disagree wanting to "stroke their egos" and such.

By the way, offensive (as in combat, not as in disliked) use of God's will is probably a sin against the Spirit.

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