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Study: Children of Same-Sex Couples Don't Fare as Well

Does it matter to many people? I'd bet not. This agenda will be pursued regardless of how it affects children:

There is a new and significant piece of evidence in the social science debate about gay parenting and the unique contributions that mothers and fathers make to their children’s flourishing. A study published last week in the journal Review of the Economics of the Household—analyzing data from a very large, population-based sample—reveals that the children of gay and lesbian couples are only about 65 percent as likely to have graduated from high school as the children of married, opposite-sex couples. And gender matters, too: girls are more apt to struggle than boys, with daughters of gay parents displaying dramatically low graduation rates. Unlike US-based studies, this one evaluates a 20 percent sample of the Canadian census, where same-sex couples have had access to all taxation and government benefits since 1997 and to marriage since 2005.
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Proteios1 said...

This isnt a data driven society, unless the data already agrees with preconceived notions. If it were otherwise, smoking and dumping toxic waste in Lake Erie wouldnt have gon eon for so long. But research saying children need a mom and dad has been reexamined and reconfirmed so many ways and so many times and the narcissism of our culture shouts it down. COmmon sense can be validated by science, but Im not sure science was ever really needed to point this one out. But its good that it agrees with everything we already know.

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