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Jesuit U President Vows Not to be "Shackled" by the "Pall of Orthodoxy"

Yeah, LMU's president seriously said that.

Just weeks after attempting to remove abortion coverage from the university’s health insurance plan, Loyola Marymount University president David Burcham vowed during his recent presidential convocation address that the “pall of orthodoxy” would not “shackle” the Los Angeles-based Jesuit university.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Those darn public schools are at it again...oops.

Clinton said...

Since when has any Jesuit university given a fig
about orthodoxy?

Seriously, since Fr. Fessio's program at USF was shut
down by the hosting Jesuit university for being too
orthodox, I don't think anyone out there is under the
impression the Jesuits have naught but contempt
for Catholic orthodoxy.

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