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HS Football Blowout Has Parent File Bullying Complaint

This just says it all, doesn't it?

A blowout high school football game in Texas prompted a parent to file an official bullying report. The Aledo High Bearcats routed the Western Hills High Cougars (Ft. Worth, Texas) 91-0 last Friday, and a Western Hills High parent has now filed a bullying report with the school district over the lopsided victory. State regulations require Aledo High’s principal to conduct a full investigation, and the school’s administration must then produce a written report addressing the complaint.
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Proteios1 said...

lets just not keep score. I think they should also not wear pads. They also should be able to throw or hand the ball to anyone not just their own team. and have several balls, not just one, so everyone gets one.
wait-a-minute...thats just a whole bunch of people standing around holding their balls...thats no fun to watch

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

As Greg Gutfield said on THE FIVE, the only thing more embarrassing than losing a game 99-0 is your mommy claiming bullying in the matter.

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