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Hey, Crystal Cathedral Donors, Get a Life

Phil Cooke writes:

Now that pastor Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral has been sold to the Catholic Church, big changes are happening. For instance, it’s being reported that a walkway constructed of bricks with engraved names of Crystal Cathedral donors is being pulled up to make way for new landscaping. Although the new owners are making the bricks available to donors who would like to claim them, it’s still causing an uproar among many former donors. I’ve seen similar stories at other nonprofits and ministries, where walls with donor names have been torn down or other structures honoring donors have been remodeled and changed. In every case, donors get upset and make a stink. Well, here’s my advice to these donors: Get a life.
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Joshua said...

Your title is inaccurate. The article is telling the donors, not the owners, to get a life. As of now, your title says Bishop Vann has no life.

matthew archbold said...

Thanks for the heads up. Wrong word.

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