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#Facepalm: Gay Methodist Caucus Embraces Promiscuity

Oh my. Because nothing says using others for our own gratification like Christianity. hey, remember all those people who said same-sex marriage will lead to polyamory? Boy, aren't they embarrassed now.

Especially of note is a recent blog post by the Rev. Becca Clark of Vermont. Clark distinguished herself as a delegate at the last UMC General Conference with her passionate defenses of unrestricted abortion, leadership in an illegally disruptive protest by pro-sex-outside-of-marriage activists (for which protesters have not reimbursed the six-figure cost they imposed on our denomination), and after arguing in her sub-committee that it is categorically wrong to use male or “hierarchical” words for God, pridefully declaring “I don’t have a king!” For what it’s worth, her blog post also features a picture of her with other leaders of an MFSA/RMN-related social media project at the RMN convocation (which one of her co-leaders recently made very clear was a “conversation” rather limited in its openness to participation from respectful, informed non-liberal United Methodist voices).
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Renee said...

But she is with modern times, which means her congregation must be expanding rapidly.

Proteios1 said...

if these people want to form their own cult go ahead. I think its some secular humanism or humanistic atheism or whatever. Leave us Christians alone to worship properly. I dont get the drive to change something (Christianity) until its unrecognizable and then claim that it is still what we had originally (CHristianity). Its not. Its something else. GO do your own thing nutters.

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