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Anti-Catholic Atheist to Deliver Speech on Evolution at Jesuit College

Called for eradication of the Church.

An outspoken atheist philosopher who has called the Catholic Church “corrupt” and called for its eradication will be speaking at LeMoyne College in New York later this month.
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Proteios1 said...

Im not sure I see the value in someone claiming scieentific validity, yet spouting non-scientific, largely emotional opinions. To engage in a scientific discussion of evolution and compare facts with Truths is part of the long and admired Catholic intellectual tradition. But science is a tool. I can direct evolution in my lab. It is a phenomenon that is consistent with facts. But to not understand where facts and truth differ, then worse, mix opinions into that confusion and pass it off as science is a clear abuse of science.

Mary De Voe said...

Michael Ruse cannot explain his own existence without recourse to the creative power of God, nor his free will and intellect without accepting the existence of his rational soul, the metaphysical part of his human being that makes him who he is.
“DOES EVOLUTION HAVE A PURPOSE?” The only individual human beings who know that evolution has a purpose are those people who know that they, themselves have a purpose in life and that their purpose is to do God’s will.
Intelligent design can only be recognized and acknowledged by a person who acknowledges “their Creator”. Otherwise, the blind leading the blind, both shall fall into the pit.
“there is a flat-out contradiction between the claims of modern biological science and the theology of the Roman Catholic Church.
Modern biological science has proved that the newly begotten human being composed of body and soul begins with the fertilization of the egg by the sperm, the creation of an individual’s human soul and the unique DNA, only one of a kind. What is not alive does not grow or live. Since life and death are defined by the presence of the soul, the soul is present and proved by growth, (Abortion would not be done if the child was not alive and growing.) The free will of the soul gives consent to the body to grow and come into being, to accept existence from God. If Ruse looks in the mirror he ought to see his own existence through his immortal soul. If he does not know, Ruse ought to have the decency to admit that he does not know. This admission that he does not know will deny Ruse the power to call for the eradication of the Catholic Church.

“Ruse, a professor and director of the history and philosophy of science program in the department of philosophy at Florida State University, has called birth control a “blessing” and supports a right to abortion. But worse than that, in the pages of the Huffington Post, Ruse called for the eradication of the Catholic Church”
Science is the observation of nature and natural phenomenon. Abortion violates nature and destroys natural phenomenon. The philosophy of abortion is to kill anything or anybody who moves. Saving the life of the mother or life boat ethics are only moral when death is imminent, right here and right now.
Only consummation of the marital act open to new life is love. Birth control does not allow consummation of the marital act. Ruse refuses glory to God and honor to his parents for bringing him into the world. Stephen Hawking said that evolution brought the human being into the world through the Law of Gravity but Hawking never answered the question about WHO created the Law of Gravity, the question about the First Principle, the Unmoved Mover. Perhaps Ruse could answer the question.

Mary De Voe said...

"The Church could open its doors to married priests, give women a proper role (if we can appoint a woman to the Supreme Court, why cannot a woman become a member of the College of Cardinals?),"
Women must have a vocation from God to be called to the priesthood. None yet. Married priests too have to have a vocation to the priesthood. Marriage is a whole different vocation. Why, may I ask, does this college expect to hear anything about God from an atheist? Ruse's rejection of and ignorance of God and all that is Holy bears no resemblance to intellectual pursuit.

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