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Andrew Klavan: What's Wrong with Joel Osteen?

He means besides the hair:

Novelist Lars Walker — a friend of this blog and an insightful reviewer of some of my own novels — makes a trenchant comment in the Elizabeth Smart post below. I know it’s trenchant because I was about to make basically the same comment but Lars beat me to it! In the comment, he makes a delightfully concise reference to “the Osteenian view that suffering is always a sign of God’s displeasure.” This, of course, refers to popular preacher Joel Osteen, who has been promoting his new book at the Blaze and other places. He basically preaches that God wants wonderful things for your life and you only have to open yourself to God’s will in order to receive those blessings.
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Jason said...

A week or two ago I turned on the TV and Joel was on. He said, "God isn't always logical - he said, 'My ways aren't always your ways.'"

My thoughts were, "Number 1, yes he is always logical. Number 2, how telling that you're saying if God doesn't do something like a person would do, then GOD is the one who is being illogical. Hmmm....who is making whom in their own image?"

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

In Texas one would be hard put to find ten men who AREN'T preachers of some sort.

MrsB said...

"God isn't always logical" according to our logic and what we can see. I think it's pretty obvious what he meant.

C. LaSalle said...

Maybe Joel couldn't get a real job. There are always suckers out there and someone is always available to tell them what they want to hear.

Joel really needs a few good years of study at a real school of theology.

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