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A Phycisist Discusses the Holy Trinity

A little above my IQ level but I thought it would be interesting to you smarty pants types.

As a religious physicist, I have occasionally fielded questions from various people pertaining to my Faith and how I reconcile it with my understanding of physics. One point that is often brought up is the apparently "illogical" nature of the Holy Trinity, which is of utmost importance to Orthodox Christians: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. "How can three be one and yet be distinct at the same time?" I am often asked, and I never really had a good answer for that question. Recently, however, I had an epiphany as I was thinking about the Holy Trinity from a physics perspective, which may aid in better appreciating Its' amazing significance. But to do so, I was forced to "think outside of the box (universe)" so to speak.
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Gutterball Master said...

No, sorry. Sounds pretty pantheistic to me (Father is stuff outside universe, Son inside)?

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