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Unforgettable Flight 93

This video of the woman who spoke with Todd Beamer on the phone brings back so much from that day. Floored me.

When they got up that morning twelve years ago the very last thing that the 33 passengers and the seven crew of United Flight 93 expected was to be engaged in a life and death struggle to retake an airliner that was headed to Washington DC as a terrorist missile. All they expected the day to bring was a hum drum flight from Newark to San Francisco. Just ordinary people living their lives. Their occupations included pilot, first officer, flight attendant, an environmental lawyer, the owner of a public relations firm, university students, a senior vice president of a medical development company, a sales representative for Good Housekeeping magazine, a manager of a US Wildlife animal refuge, an arborist, an account manager for a corporation, an ironworker, retirees, a computer programmer, a computer engineer, a lobbyist for the disabled, a real estate agent, an executive vice president of a corporation and a free lance medical writer. They were wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, all with unique histories and lives, with little in common except that they happened to be on board Flight 93 when the world changed.
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