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The Case that Destroyed Marriage

Wesley Smith says the seeds of destruction were watered by the California Supreme Court:

How did marriage lose most of its meaning? How has it gone from being regarded as an institution that formed the conjugal bond, established nuclear families, knit vital social ties across extended familial units, and forged the necessary social cohesion for the sheltering and rearing of children, to a more-or-less optional affirmation of love? True, the same-sex marriage debate has rekindled some interest in the institution and its purposes. But that imbroglio seems more like the last flaring of a star before it goes cold rather than a true rekindling. The weakening of the institution has been ongoing for so many years that it is difficult to discern the proverbial tipping point. But I have a good candidate: The 1976 California Supreme Court case, Marvin v. Marvin.
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Proteios1 said...

God gave us many gifts. The planet, marriage, grace. We ate an apple and lost God. We pollute the planet he made for us. Now we complacently fritter away the holy matrimony he made for us. We don't respect life or children, so Europe is overtaken by Muslims and were being overrun by whoever sneaks across the border. Vaccinated or not. This list isn't complete, but when you take Gods gifts for granted. Duh! Guess what.

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