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Student destroys 9/11 memorial ‘to start a dialogue about American imperialism’

Wow. You've got to read the string of BS she attempts to explain her actions with.

A lot of angry people are wondering exactly who was among the group that pulled nearly 3,000 American flags from the ground on the campus of Middlebury College in Vermont Wednesday. A joint service project of the College Republicans and Democrats, the 2,977 flags had been placed in front of the school’s Mead Chapel in memory of those killed on Sept. 11, 2001.
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Jason said...

And an idiot in Louisiana put up cardboard towers with planes crashing into them at a local memorial. People are jerks.

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

One wishes that folks would focus on the happy reality that a great many Middlebury College students set out the flags in memory. That one guest and only four students committed vandalism only accents the class, character, dignity, and respect of the student body of Middlebury College.

Toby said...

A decade ago, niece went to this school (her decision and her mothers). My brother paid.

My brother (Vietnam. vet)walked out on her graduation because of the leftist commencement speaker. He and my niece have not spoken since. I never agreed with what my brother did, but I understand his reaction much better now.

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