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Pope Francis Says John Paul II to Be Canonized April 27?


The Vatican has yet to make the date official, but Pope Francis has already let it be known in a private conversation that Blessed Pope John Paul II will be canonized on April 27, 2014. A reliably informed source close to the Vatican asked Pope Francis about the date recently, to which the Pope replied with a laugh: “I can tell you now if you like. It will be April 27.”
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This will mean that the late pope's "prudential judgement" on capital punishment -- which contradicts centuries of previous teaching from Scripture and Tradition -- will effectively harden into doctrine.

You watch.

After all, what Catholic is going to question the prudential judgement of a saint?

bill bannon said...

Most Catholics in the US statwise ignore the new position on the death penalty. Don't confuse internet catholicism with dominant catholicism. The former is dominated by people who think the catechism inerrant which the Popes know it is not.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Bill, most American Catholics might ignore the new position but most bishops worldwide don't. Moreover, Popes Benedict and Francis have promoted the abolitionist approach.

If the Popes know the CCC isn't inerrant, then they have a moral (let alone a pastoral) responsibility to make it as clear as possible and as coherent with previous teaching as possible. They also have the moral and pastoral responsibility to act in accordance with it.

The problem is that for centuries, Catholic bishops have acted (and, apparently believed) that the CCC and Canon Law are meant for the laity and lower clergy but not for them. The controversy over Cdl. Wuerl and Canon 915 provides just one example.

Part of the problem also is the fact that the bishops value words more than actions; otherwise, they would have behaved far differently in the clerical sex-abuse crisis.

If Popes and bishops do not follow their own teachings, then what's the point of having Magisterial authority? They become no better than the Pharisees of the first centuries whom Jesus criticized. What would He say about today's bishops? Not much good, I wager.

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