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Orientation Week Sex Chant at Catholic College is Scandalous

This isn't the way I remember orientation week.

An Orientation Week event at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, which saw students chanting about non-consensual sex with underage girls according to the National Post, has led to outrage, disciplinary hearings, resignations and mandatory sensitivity training for 80 students. Sadly, the University’s response doesn’t seem to include a stronger Catholic identity, which appears to have largely disappeared from Canada’s oldest English-speaking, Catholic university.
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Proteios1 said...

Hmmm. Lets see. Drifting away from a foundation in Catholic identity correlating with a rise in sexual deviancy. Sounds like a research proposal in common sense.

For those who think the sexual revolution has ONLY been an improvement for women...I think that holds water like any good sieve.

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