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Jindal: Obama's Cruel Fight Against School Choice

It is cruel to force children to remain in failing schools because your biggest financial supporter, the unions, want them to.

While President Obama publicly celebrated the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech last week, his administration took action behind the scenes in Louisiana that was a complete rejection of King’s dream. The Justice Department has challenged my state in court for having the temerity to start a scholarship program that frees low-income minority children from failing schools. In other words, Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would rip children out of their schools and handcuff them to the failing schools they previously attended. And, in the ultimate irony, they are using desegregation orders set up to prevent discrimination against minority children to try to do it.
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Mary De Voe said...

Taxes belong to the taxpayer even as they are administered by the administration. All teachers teach "in loco parentis". Taxpayers teach their children through duly deputized school teachers. It is choice, choice, and more choice. It is freedom. Obama does not speak for me. I am a constituent. I have the freedom to dissent from Obama’s dictatorship. Forcing minor children to attend public school and imposing government incarceration of minor children against the wishes of the parents’ “in loco parentis” is to deny citizens freedom of speech, peaceable assembly and the right to petition government for redress.

Mary De Voe said...

When a person goes to Macy’s to purchase a skirt, the manager cannot insist that the customer purchase a pair of pants instead.
The public school system has betrayed the peoples’ trust in not defending the civil rights of minor children in their care. The public school system is engineered to eradicate any notion of sovereign personhood, statesmanship, patriotism and individual responsibility in order to be able to manipulate people to accept any agenda they wish to impose. Contraception, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, homosexual behavior, transgenderism, transhumanism, serfdom up to and including slavery come to mind.
It is the duty of the state to protect innocence, virginity and virtue that is embodied in the citizens to deliver Justice.
That Macy customer will return for a refund for the item she did not wish to purchase.
If our children are instructed to ridicule Faith in God, deny their very reason and immortal soul, have their unalienable civil rights desecrated, their innocence and virginity seduced, the parents must pursue the matter in court with legal action demanding correction and a refund of tax dollars as indemnity. In the same manner, citizens who have been victimized by criminals because the state failed to protect them ought to be given tax exemptions for the rest of their injured lives as indemnity. Minor children, as a captive audience must not be seduced or swindled. Any child molested or sexually abused ought to be exempt from paying taxes for the rest of his or her life, as his or her life has been irrevocably interrupted and damaged.
The public school system is liable for every predator it allows near an innocent child and for every indecent thought introduced into the clean slate of an innocent mind. No, the public schools, the politicians, the government without good will is treason.

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