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How NCReporter Learned to Love the Bomb

Wow. Just wow. Catholic Vote has the story:

The U.S. Bishops are urging Catholics to contact Congress to oppose President Obama’s desire to bomb Syria. Pope Francis is insisting that more bombing is not an answer. Even Jon Stewart (explicit content warning) doesn’t hesitate to call President Obama’s bomb proposal absurd. But pundits of the Catholic Left can’t muster up the courage to unequivocally oppose their Democratic president’s bomb-mongering.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I found out that Matthew Sean Winters had no credibility when he accused Sarah Palin of "apostasy" because, though she was baptized as a Catholic, she attended a Pentecostal church starting at the age of 8 after her parents moved. Now, how many 8-year olds decide for themselves which church to attend?

Winters is nothing but an ideological whore.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Correction, that should be Michael Sean Winters.

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