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Fr. Barron on the Sadness of the Childfree Life

Wait. You Mean Time Magazine didn't tell the whole story?

Time Magazine's recent cover story "the Childfree Life" has generated a good deal of controversy and commentary. The photo that graces the cover of the edition pretty much sums up the argument: a young, fit couple lounge languidly on a beach and gaze up at the camera with blissful smiles -- and no child anywhere in sight. What the editors want us to accept is that this scenario is not just increasingly a fact in our country, but that it is morally acceptable as well, a lifestyle choice that some people legitimately make. Whereas in one phase of the feminist movement, "having it all" meant that a woman should be able to both pursue a career and raise a family, now it apparently means a relationship and a career without the crushing encumbrance of annoying, expensive, and demanding children.
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Proteios1 said...

Is feminism to blame? Maybe. They have done so much damage this could be add to the list. But I wonder about the ever increasingly vocal depopulation movement. Tey would move towards the HHS mandate and its procedures and chemicals. Tey would want gays to gain legitimacy and increase in numbers. They would want to glamorize childlessness. Why? It all means fewer people. And they have been successful. Most projections of 15 billion people by 2050 have been repeatedly reduced. Then 12B. Then 10B. Most current projections never get above 9B as they give Africans and Asians birth control(gates foundation) but no food...that's for CRS.

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