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Fox Sports Analyst Fired for Saying Gay Activity is Sinful

As Pewsitter says, NO Dissent Allowed.

College football analyst Craig James was fired after a brief stint with FOX Sports Southwest over anti-gay comments he made while running for political office in Texas, according to of the Dallas Morning News. James joined Fox Sports Southwest in late August but was fired after just one appearance. A former college football standout at SMU and with the New England Patriots during the 1980s who went on to become a polarizing analyst for ESPN, James left broadcasting to enter the race for a vacant senate seat in Texas in 2011. During a debate in February 2012, James said that gay people would "answer to the Lord for their actions" and claimed that being gay was "a choice," according to USA Today. He also chastised opponent Tom Leppert for attending a gay pride parade. “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department,” an unnamed Fox spokesman told Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News after it was reported that James had been fired. “He couldn’t say those things here.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Gay behavior is not marriage. Marriage is the consummation of the marital act, not possible in gay-behavior. Gay behavior is not love as it denies the partner’s rational, immortal soul. Gay behavior is not sex: fornication and/or adultery. Gay behavior is abuse of the colon, the sex organs and is assault and battery as well as fooling oneself.

Proteios1 said...

What sport is it that we need to discuss sexual activities and religion? Seems to me like none of this is relevant to sports. I don't want to know who or how many...that includes men, women, animals, whatever. If it doesn't help me understand the sport, it doesn't need to be on sports news, info, etc.

I want to watch sports with my kids to teach them competition, is it play and sportsmanship, rivalry, etc. I do NOT want to explain boner pills, homosexuality, any sexuality for that matter or any other nonsense.

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