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Football Star: I’m a Christian Who Abstains From Sex and Alcohol

The Blaze reports:

New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara isn’t your average NFL player. Not only does he say some have dubbed him “the black Tim Tebow,” he’s also an unashamed Christian who prides himself on avoiding alcohol, being chaste and living a life devoid of the antics and pleasantries that are regularly enjoyed by other professional jocks. Amukamara made all that clear in a recent interview with Muscle & Fitness Magazine
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Matthew A. Siekierski said...

The article is great apart from this:
“I grew up Catholic, so it just started out as one of those things,” he added. “I’d think, ‘If I do this, maybe I can get to heaven’ so I said no drinks, no sex, all the big things.”

Later on in life, though, Amukamara said that he decided that having a relationship with Jesus was paramount and that being faithful shouldn’t be restricted to do’s and don’ts.

Sad that he didn't understand how deep a Catholic relationship with Christ really is.

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