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Kathryn Lopez writes about another great piece:

If anyone ever had an excellent excuse to get out of a previously scheduled commitment, Bret Baier had one on September 10. He was booked at the Newseum — the news museum a few blocks from Capitol Hill — to interview Cardinal Donald Wuerl at an event hosted by the John Carroll Society. But back when he signed up for the event, organized by Catholic lawyers in the Beltway, he had no idea that the president of the United States would choose this particular Tuesday evening for a prime-time address about a possible military strike in Syria. It was a whirlwind of a news day, when what seemed a throwaway line from Secretary of State John Kerry morphed into something that was looking very much like the world putting its trust in Russia to police chemical weapons. But Baier didn’t play the breaking-news card. He made the event, showing up just after the 6 p.m. Special Report he hosts each evening had ended, and leaving in time to anchor the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the presidential address. During the course of the hour he spent with the cardinal, he talked openly about the fact that he had fallen away from his Catholic faith, and that it took fatherhood, and facing his young son’s heart problems, to bring him back.
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