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Cardinal Dolan is Like a Catholic Buddha

Interesting perspective from a former Buddhist:

Long ago, while I was still searching for religious truth and a spiritual home, I stayed far, far away from most self-identified Christians. The outspoken Christians I knew were, almost universally, angry and bitter people. They would speak at great length about all the different ways you could get to hell, but rarely on ways to pursue heavenly options. When they did speak about getting to heaven, it was in a very formal, legalistic way, despite the language it was couched in. “Accepting Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord and Savior” did not only sound very impersonal, but there was no reason given for why this should be so other than, “You’ll go to hell if you don’t.” During my spiritual wilderness years, I felt horrible enough on my own; I didn’t need Christians making me feel even worse about the state of my soul. Instead, I found myself drawn to Buddhism for a while.
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