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Can We Start Talking About the Global Persecution of Christians Now?

Now would be a good time. Mollie Hemingway writes:

Wealthy Kenyans and Westerners bustled about Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi on Saturday. Families ate lunch in the food court. A radio station targeting Kenyan Asians was hosting a children’s event on the roof of the parking lot. Around noon, armed gunmen stormed the mall and exploded grenades. Thousands of terrified people dropped to the floor, fled out of exits and hid in stores. The gunmen began lining people up and shooting some of the five dozen people they would slaughter and 240 people, ages 2 to 78, that they would wound. Al-Shabaab, which is claiming credit for the attack, is reported to have singled out non-Muslims. “A witness to the attacks at Nairobi’s upscale mall says that gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave and that non-Muslims would be targeted,” according to the Associated Press.
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Proteios1 said...

No. Not yet. Watch the news covering this event. "Shooting in a Nairobi mall. 90 dead." Or the Pakistani murders at the church. " 90 dead in Pakistan bombing."
The MSM left out a few details in both cases. Let me summarize. The murderers were never mentioned as Islamists or even specifically Muslim. The murdered were never described as innocent or...wait for it...Christian. So when the media vaguely describes bombings, leaving out the very thing that would inform people of the genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims, well they won't react. Imagine how many free Tibet support you would have if the news never mentioned it was chine sea aggression against Tibet.
Its chilling how much social influence a biased, agenda driven media has. By I suspect like gosnell, if most don't know, you can't motivate people.

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