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Bakery Closes After State Investigates Their Refusal To Bake for Same-Sex Marriage

Uhm. When does this stop just being uncomfortable and start being persecution?

A follow-up to the story of the New Mexico photographer who lost her court battle after refusing to take a job at a gay wedding. Different state and a different trade this time but a similar result potentially: The business owners in this case said no when a lesbian couple came into the shop looking for a wedding cake. The latter filed a complaint with the state under the relevant antidiscrimination law and an investigation, which could have taken up to a year, was launched. The bakers, having already been targeted for a boycott by opponents and likely fearing the expense and aggravation of a long court battle themselves, decided to close the shop and move operations into their home, which presumably renders the business “distinctly private” and therefore beyond the reach of the state’s public accommodations law.
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bill bannon said...

Absolutely awful. This will spread to various occupations and Satan will enlarge this new venue of harassment. What if an English teacher in public school refuses to teach gay literature with a class and two students sue him or her. We need a book on occupations that are safe from this persecution.

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