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Why Do Catholic Bibles Have Seven More Books than Christian Bibles?

Dr. Michael Barber of John Paul the Great University explains why Protestants exclude the Deuterocanonical books from their Bibles. Check out the video here. Continue reading>>>

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Clinton said...

I understand what the article is trying to explain.
My only objection to the post is in the headline--
Catholic Bibles are Christian Bibles. It
might make more sense to refer to Catholic and
Protestant Bibles.

Robert Simms said...

Clinton took the words right out of my mouth.

Sophia's Favorite said...

It would be impolitic to say "I think you mean 'Why do orthodox Christian Bibles have seven more books than heretic schismatic bibles?'."

Aside from that whole "LOL you think Christianity didn't exist for 1500 years" issue, simply numerically, all Protestant sects account for under a third of all Christians, while half are Catholic and the rest are Orthodox (mostly Eastern, some Oriental).

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