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Top 10 Topics That SHOULD Be Blogged About But Aren't

Ha! Funny stuff.

A couple years ago, I posted the AoftheA Editorial Board’s Top Ten topics that will rock your Catholic blog. Reading the list, you’ll notice that they’ve been argued over and over across the Catholic blogosphere in one form or another – I don’t take credit for the popularity of the topics, mind you. They’re just the best topics you can blog about if you want to generate traffic and conversation – and if you’re really lucky, a link from Pewsitter, or BigPulpit, and maybe even a column of repudiation/agreement from someone on Patheos. But let’s be honest – those topics are getting stale. They’re racehorses that have run the circuit, and ought to be put out to pasture. They’re the same ol’ same ol’ – repetitive with no new insights to offer, complete with carbon copy comments. In my opinion, anyone blogging on those topics is guilty of not using their imagination, or succumbing to mediocrity in order to boost page views. Anybody can shoot fish in a barrel – the trick is to catch new fish.
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Larry Denninger said...

Thanks for the link, Matt!

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