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Priest Denies Communion to Same-Sex Couple, Outrage Ensues

NOM blog reports:

Catholic Priest Denies Communion to Same-Sex Couple -- and the Media Reaction that Follows
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C. LaSalle said...

Obviously to this couple being gay is more important than being Catholioc. Good Catholics know that you must be in a state of grace to receive holy communion. Being gay and being 'married?' is against Church teaching. Their behavior has removed them from receiving communion not the priest.

The Church's role is not to pander to every wacky idea or political notion that comes along. It's role is to preserve it's teachings and traditions. If people don't like that then they are free to leave. Seriously, you can do anything however you are not free from the consequences of your decisions.

No apologies for preaching the Truth.39B deshed

Lynne said...

Luckily, this happened in Rhoad Island which has a wonderful bishop, Bishop Tobin (I wish he were a cardinal) and so he will back the priest up. Now, if if happened in Boston...

tuleesh said...

It's good to know that Fr.Sistare's bishop ain't Cardinal Wuerl. Otherwise Father would be reprimanded for doing his duty!

truthfully said...

Religion and state are separate. Gays over ruled what the people already voted on prop 8. Now they want to rule over the laws of our Lord...no way! You will never defeat the almighty God! Just be happy with your equal rights and that's all.

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