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Nat'l Catholic Reporter Accepts Millions from Secular Foundation to Continue Undermining the Church

Hey, it's not like they weren't doing it anyway. They might as well get paid for it.

The Conrad Hilton Foundation has awarded a $2.3 million grant to the National Catholic Reporter to establish as “global sisters’ net,” providing “greater voice to countless Catholic sisters around the globe.” The grant to the National Catholic Reporter-- a newspaper with a long history of dissent from Catholic teaching—comes at a time when women religious in the United States are under Vatican scrutiny. Annette Lomont, the chairman of the board for the Reporter, said: “We’ve been standing with sisters from the beginning, and I consider the grant encouragement to go on telling their stories.”
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Proteios1 said...

A greater voice. If that's what is needed for a convent, then they are doing it wrong. This, as we all know, is a selective voice for a specific group who will probably morph into two groups of fallen away women. Secular philanthropists (which would be a great use of the wonderful experience they had as nuns) or new age cultists centering their version of Catholicism around their political issues and trying to grow the weeds with the wheat.

Unknown said...

It's all about the Benjamins. Follow the money, Baby!

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