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Msgr. Benson, New Religion, and LCWR

Reality becoming increasingly like fiction:

In a previous post, I provided an excerpt on prayer contained in Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson. The book, written in 1907, is set in England and concerns a dystopian future in the late twentieth century, and a mysterious antichrist figure named “Felsenburgh” who is somehow capable of unifying the world and installing a new order. This new order is supposedly based on rational ideals meant to elevate humanity. The book discusses the emergence of a sort of religious Humanism that replaces the creeds and worship of God (Creator) with a new creed and worship of Man (the Creation). The argument given is that through the ages, man actually created God to satisfy man’s innate desire for worship, and that thanks to the enlightenment of the new age, man can now realize that it is Himself who should be worshipped.
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