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Catholic High School Fires Teacher after Same-Sex Marriage, Outrage and Petitions Ensue

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Proposition 8, a California man was fired from teaching at a Catholic high school after a local newspaper in southern California, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, ran a story and published a video of his same-sex marriage to another man. Ken Bencomo had taught at St. Lucy’s Priory High School for more than 16 years. According to NY Daily News, Bencomo’s lawyer, Patrick McGarrigle, said that Bencomo was told by a school administrator that he was losing his job because his same-sex marriage was “in public and violated the Church’s teaching.”
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Proteios1 said...

Another reason Catholics should only hire Catholics. Catholics should whenever possible support Catholic businesses and support only Catholic services. Consolidation and extraction from secular culture is one way to shore up obedience to the Church, reclaim the faith and grow amongst ourselves. When we reach a critical mass that can reestablish its own healthcare and educational apparatus, then we can start the process all over again.

Pat said...

i agree. and frankly, what did he expect? every day he should have wondered if today is the day that his public actions which flout church teachings would lead to his dismissal. i would imagine he's sleeping better tonight and not worrying will tomorrow be the day. He should never have accepted the job if he couldnt fulfill its conditions.

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