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Bp. Jenky: "Why is your bishop ranting and raving about hell fire and damnation?"


Jesus taught that our temporal choices have eternal consequences. Jesus revealed there is not only an everlasting heaven but there is an everlasting hell. Today’s popular, liberal Christianity tends to beige all of that over. The God of our liberal therapeutic culture is usually presented as only a benign kind of higher force. This concept of God is almost like a tolerant psychiatrist
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Proteios1 said...

I guess my main concern is why my priest is NOT speaking of ANY consequences, hard decision or non permissiveness. I love the spirituality of the homilies, but every once in a while, we need some practical guidance in daily events.

tuleesh said...

Actually, His Grace is NOT even ranting and raving about the Four Last Things; much less about "hell fire and damnation." Or life issues for that matter.

But if an amnesty march is being planned... "Seamless Garment," you know.

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