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Being Gay and a Faithful Catholic

Joseph Prever writes:

I’ve never written a letter to Everyone In The World before. I’m writing to tell you that I’m gay. Before you proceed, please do take 39 seconds to watch and listen to this video, as it perfectly sums up my feelings about all this.
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Lisa Graas said...

CCC 2333

Also this: http://www.lisagraas.com/3/post/2013/08/communio-on-gay-identity-vs-identity-in-christ.html

I know a lot of people don't believe me when I say "gay" identity leads to suicide, but sooner or later you will find out. I sincerely hope it's not the hard way. People don't commit suicide because they're evil. They commit suicide because they are despairing. Despair is a sin, but there are things that cause despair. As the article at Communio notes, "gay" identity is one of those things that causes despair. Please. Trust that the catechism is right in CCC 2333, even if you don't understand why it is right. I'm begging.

George Vogt said...

Sorry to see so many jumping on this bandwagon. This goes WAY beyond the state of one individual soul (which I do not propose I have particular knowledge. This is about glorifying disorder and encouraging others NOT to seek healing. This man plainly says this is what I am and don't try to talk me out of it. If nothing else, this quote should have prevented the post's publication: "you could call me basically gay with some straight tendencies, or basically straight with some gay tendencies, or bisexual, or Same-Sex Attracted, or a Kinsey 4 (ish)."

Judee said...

You have missed the ultimate point of God, HE HEALS. The papal theologian states it perfectly here. Do I introduce myself with my sinful tendencies. No, I don't because I desire God's healing every day. If I am 250 lbs, do I wish to make others accept that as normal? NO. because it is a sin and I have shame and remorse and I would try and change that with God's help.
The Pope’s theologian also explained the distinction between the words “homosexual” and “gay” and the danger to someone who identifies themselves as being “gay”.

"…in the American language you have a distinction between the word ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’. A homosexual is a person who has, to some extent, this homosexual condition. Somebody may have this difficulty, and his friends, his neighbors will not know about this. He’s dealing with this in cooperation with the grace of God and may come out of this difficulty and come back to normal human relationships. Sometimes adolescents, at the moment when their sexual sensibility is appearing, if they have been distorted by others they go through a phase of difficulty in this field. But as they mature they will grow out of it. Whereas a ‘gay’ is somebody who says, ‘I am like this, I will be like this, I want to be treated like this, and I want special privileges because I am like this.’ Now if somebody is not only homosexual, but a gay, declaring, ‘This is how I am, and I want this to be respected legally, socially and so on’ – such a person will never come out of the difficulty."

He also spoke of the danger of identifying with the homosexual condition as if it was the “supreme expression of the identity of the individual” which would deprive the individual of healing and happiness.

The papal theologian concluded noting that Christ is both the model for a healthy humanity and the source of healing for distortions of humanity. “Christ shows us a humanity which is supremely transformed from within by the divinity, “ he said. “Now, we have access to the grace of God through our faith, through the sacraments, and, by living out the grace of God, that grace of God heals whatever distortions we may have, whatever difficulties we may have, on the condition that we initiate, we commence the pilgrimage, we start the journey of living out our lives with the grace of God.”


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