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An RCIA Horror Story

He was told confession isn't necessary. And when he asked questions, he was labeled a "problem."

Back in 2000, my wife and I were received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil by Cardinal Francis George. You’ll have to take my word that the (fuzzy) picture above is of my wife and Cardinal George. There are two types of converts to Catholicism: those who have never been baptized (“catechumens”) and those who have been baptized in another Christian tradition (“candidates”). My wife and I were both candidates because we were validly baptized in other Christian churches
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This is why Catholicism is falling apart. The people charged with teaching the faith don't know what they're doing and aren't held accountable by anybody. That's true from the level of lay volunteers all the way to archbishops and even the Pope, himself.

With Catholics like the volunteers and the priest mentioned in the story, who needs secularists?

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