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Am I Dumb Because I Have 8 Kids?

It would appear so, at least according to a UK study.

The Guardian UK recently published the article “Should we care that smart women aren’t having kids?“ The piece was based on the work of Satoshi Kanazawa, a London School of Economics psychologist who conducted research on the link between intelligence and maternal urges and wrote the book The Intelligence Paradox based on his findings. He concluded that the higher a woman’s IQ, the less likely she is to have babies. According to Kanazawa’s research, maternal urges decrease 25% for every 15 IQ points above average intelligence. The decrease is due to a conscious choice made by the women to not have babies. He is critical of voluntary childlessness, as indicated in the chapter “Why intelligent people are the ultimate losers in life.” Predictably, the journalist who wrote the article, Ms. Sadhbh Walshe, isn’t enamored with Satoshi Kanazawa or his book, choosing to defend voluntary childlessness.
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Proteios1 said...

Sounds like another "bell curve" study. Fortunately, they are mocking women...women with children primarily. Because if it were blacks this would be all over the news and these people would lose their jobs.
(Google the bell curve, racism and ex Harvard president for reference)

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