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A Day in the Life of a Sidewalk Counselor

Amazing and heartbreaking stuff from Badger Catholic.

I narrowly made it to Planned Parenthood in time for my 8:00 a.m. shift on the sidewalk today. My partner this morning was Julie*, one of our best and most prolific sidewalk counselors, and we agreed that she would counsel while I covered her in prayer. As Julie took her position--just a few feet from a used condom somebody has discarded on the sidewalk, I found a place to kneel and begin my Rosary. As the clock struck 8, a Planned Parenthood employee smiling brightly came to unlock the door and welcome the morning's clients. In unison, women emerged from their cars to line up and enter the abortion facility. They scurried in as quickly as they could, hoping to avoid any interaction with Julie and me. The empty look in their glazed-over eyes stood in sharp contrast with the cheery Planned Parenthood employee who welcomed them in. We could tell by their loose fitting sweatpants and wind pants that they were abortion clients. There were around eight or ten of them in all, depending on how many of them were there to be the "support person."
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