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The Difference a Priest Can Make

A nice piece at the HuffPo from a cradle Catholic who was in the wilderness for a long while:

I was born, baptised and confirmed a Catholic and attended Roman Catholic schools until I reached college. But I could never relate to the Church. For most of my life I have hopped from church to church looking for a priest that I could connect with. With a fundamentally weak religious "training," I drifted. I attended Mass only when I felt I needed or had to, which wasn't very often at all. Well into adulthood, I felt that the congregations were just going through the motions and priests were stern and as uninterested as I was. As much as I tried, I just couldn't connect. For that, I felt an immense inner guilt and confusion. Despite that, I never lost my longing to make more tangible the faith I knew I had. That underlying faith always drew me back.
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