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State Dept Lies About Where Kerry Was When Egypt Fell. He Was Boating.

This has nothing to do with what I normally write about. But this kind of lying is just terrible. If my kid lied like this I'd be so terrified and concerned about what they were becoming. The fact that it's our government lying over something so stupid and so easily fact-checked is horrifying.

Where In The World Was John Kerry?… Update: State Dept Forced To Admit They Weren’t Telling Truth…Update: On The Boat Again Today, No Doubt, “Briefly”
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Sand Mama said...

The State Department lies and we're all very excited to catch them in their lies. However, in this case, the best possible place for John Kerry is aboard his yacht.
Egypt did not 'fall'. The Muslim Brotherhood-backed government was ousted in a military coup and ties with Hamas have been cut because many Egyptians want their government to be more secular and less radical. Italy had 62 governments between the end of WWII and 2008. This is a process. The US (and especially John 'Lurch' Kerry) should not be intervening here.

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