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SNAP Is An Anti-Catholic Organization in a Thin Disguise

Conference headlined by radical anti-Catholic, pro-abortion Feminist Majority.

Lest there be any remaining doubt that the advocacy group SNAP is more about advancing a radical left-wing social agenda than providing actual helpful support for clergy abuse victims, this weekend's annual conference for the group in Washington D.C. is headlining a speech by Eleanor Smeal, the rabid president of the abortion activist group Feminist Majority. Smeal's contempt for the Catholic Church cannot be overstated, as she has made it clear that the Catholic Church is her number one obstacle in advancing unfettered abortion-on-demand.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I've lost no love for liberal politics. However, this is nothing but the same old Catholics-as-persecuted-victims garbage that Bill Donahue has been peddling for who knows how long. It's just posterior covering by Catholics who confuse blind groupthink with fidelity to a holy, righteous God -- and who have yet to admit how immoral church leadership really is.

I just wish the people who are so angry with SNAP were just as angry when bishops colluded to protect sexual molesters. If they were, perhaps there would have been fewer victims.

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