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Schieffer: ‘I Haven't Heard’ of Lawsuits Against People Refusing to Serve Same-Sex Couples

Invincible ignorance.

It’s always fascinating when media members are totally clueless about what’s actually happening in the society. Take CBS’s Bob Schieffer who admitted on Sunday’s Face the Nation to not having heard of lawsuits that have been filed against various business owners around the country for refusing to serve same-sex couples as a result of their religious beliefs (video follows with transcript and commentary):
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tuleesh said...

Of course Scieffer hasn't heard of these types of lawsuits. He "lives in a rather special world," as Pauline Kael once said in disbelief that Nixon had been elected POTUS. But, at least Kael admitted to knowing of one person who voted for Nixon. Schiffer's not even aware of what's happening in the culture. Perhaps things outside his "ken" don't exist.

It seems that Schieffer isn't aware of his Antique-Media provincialism, either.

Proteios1 said...

Next Schaefer quote..."I haven't heard of experts being necessary for the media to complete a story. The opinion of any uninformed person proclaiming to advocate the me thing as the journalist will suffice. The public are idiots who do what we tell them. Look how quickly we convinced them gay marriage is not just acceptable but essential to freedom..haha freedom. If only people knew what tht world meant..."

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