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Obama: Africa Must Not Get Air Conditions and Big Houses

They must be kept poor. Yeah, he really said that.

President Barack Obama said at a town hall event in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday that unless we find new way of producing energy "the planet will boil over" if people in Africa are allowed to attain air conditioning, automobiles and big houses.
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BTanaka said...

Environmentalism: let's you oppress the poor and developing nations of the world without losing your sense of moral superiority. It's the new White Man's Burden: now in race-free packaging!

Proteios1 said...

I don't think Obama is smart enough to know this, but what he is actually saying is that population is not a problem, but the wasteful way we live our lives in the first world is. I agree with that. Overpopulation is a myth used to promote birth control and abortion. Lets save the worlds poor by killing them off before they can be poor. But they are really trying to preserve their Prius, iPhone, 20 bottles of water in 4oz plastic bottles and other wasteful products at comprise their lifestyle. Lookup how wasteful mining for the heavy metals required for hybrid cars and smartphones actually is. Even anti environmentalists will shed a tear like a 1970s Indian.

tuleesh said...

A nice, big, air-conditioned, aprés présidence mansion for me, but not for thee.

Unknown said...

If the average temperature of the earth raises just 0.0001 degrees the earth will "boil over." Yes, these global warming idiots sure are convincing me that science is superior to the Bible! I mean, with a logical presentation like that, how could you not believe it?

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