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No, The Jesuits Didn't Kill Abraham Lincoln

Silly conspiracy theorists. Don't they know it was the albino monk?

The election of the first Jesuit pope was unexpected, but the response in some of the more delusional corners of the internet was depressingly predictable. It took no time at all for the conspiracy theorists to dust off their fictions and start warning us against the centuries-old Jesuit plot to take over the world. The Society of Jesus has been putting up with this kind of nonsense for a very long time and no myth has been quite so persistent as the supposed Jesuit addiction to political assassination. In the mid-17th century, one William Crashaw denounced the burgeoning Jesuit educational project as a sham: the real reason behind all the schools, Crashaw opined, was to “pick out the finest young wits of the world” and “train them up [so] that the pope will never want instruments to kill kings”. The subsequent roster of supposed Jesuit targets (some despatched, others not) is impressive: Henry III, Henry IV, and Louis XIV of France, various English monarchs and an alarming number of US Presidents: William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James A Garfield, William McKinley and Abraham Lincoln among them.
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Jason said...

I read an incredible Fundamentalist website that blamed the Jesuits for 9/11! And it just went on and on.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Sic semper tyrannis.

Lincoln reaped what he had sown.

O, and his nickname, "Honest Abe?"

He got that for the same reason a 400 LB mobster gets the nickname, "tiny."

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