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No, I Don't Want to Hear Your Birth Story

Rebecca doesn't want to hear anything to do about pushing and episiotomies. Funny stuff.

I got an email today (and I get similar ones pretty often) that said "I love your blog and was reading through the archives. I noticed you don't have any of your birth stories posted. I hope you'll write them someday. I'd love to read them." To which I say "Good luck with that. You're in for a long wait." There are women in this world who dread play dates, shun mommy groups, and are wary of homeschool support groups because they dread the hours of non-stop childbirth talk. I'm one of them. I've quit four different groups over the years because the conversations were all episiotomies and pushing all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean they never discussed anything else. I get that it was a huge moment (or moments) in your life, but haven't you done other stuff? Anything else we can talk about?
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