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Muslims Defecate on Altar in Italy


It's another tough blow for the parish. The district of Libiola belongs to the city of Serravalle a Po. It was severely hit by the earthquake in May 2012 and the baroque church is still closed for repairs. You will recall that the quake that ravaged northeast Italy also led to an explosion of problems with the Muslim immigrants living close-by. A dish with bolognese sauce, served inadvertently to a young Muslim girl in a refugee camp, had set off a veritable riot.
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Proteios1 said...

A few thoughts come to mind...
1. Not suprised.
2. Can't wait for this cancer to spread throughout the world.
3. How much longer before the whole world is just sick of these nutjobs. Stops calling every reaction to these grave offenses, murders, bombings islamophobia and realizes these people are perfidious and malevolent.

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