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Bonnie Engstrom writes at Ignitum Today:

Okay, first of all, let it be known that I would say this to Marc’s face. Just so everybody knows: this is not me starting some silly blogger fight or talkin’ smack about Marc Barnes. I feel exasperated but I am also saying this with a smile on my face. For the sake of charity and clarity I want to point all that out. And actually, I would love to have him over to the house for dinner so we could discuss music. He’s a poor college student, right? He could bring a couple of his poor college student friends, and I would make them some home-cooked meal: enchiladas, cubed steak with mushroom gravy, homemade pizza, maybe my husband would grill burgers and steaks. We’d give them beer (are they 21?) and I’d have my super awesomely good chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
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